Friday, 9 July 2010

Glastonbury Festival Part 5: The Unfair Ground

And there were plenty more arresting visuals. In the Greenfields by the Stone Circle was a large wooden dragon sculpture on a walk-on plinth/bandstand - by large I mean it was as tall as a low house. Another large dragon sculpture was set inside a pool lit up at night with red flower-like lanterns - very Oriental and like something from a pleasure garden. I hated to think how long it must have taken to dig such a large pool - it was the size of a medium sized circular swimming pool!

In the Unfair Ground, there were three metal dragons and wyverns wheeling about around one another in various guises. Not far from them was a giant mechanical triceratops, behind which was a giant spider illumined at night in blue and green, near the bridge where the trees were spotlit in viridian, and the bridge and river underneath in a grey lilac-blue. I stopped to photograph the bridge as many others rushed past, and also took the quiet side route where one could see the light on the water, and the trees reflected. I took Liz there, and she agreed with me that it was indeed worth seeing. I was glad to be able to pay part of my debt for being shown the Insect Circus Museum!
The triceratops also was part of a cavalcade that, during the day, drove around the site (causing people-jams, as dozens of folks stopped or ran to look, photograph or video it!). It drew a carriage with actors whipping up the the two rearing horse sculptures and lots of other detail. And the creature static was just as impressive. There were bizarre fairground 'stalls', one with giant heads, and beyond the dragons, a great little dance stage/nightclub, with floors on layers, lit from below, with large figures hanging from the ceiling of a sting ray, shark, and other sea creatures, the whole place shades of violets, blues, purples. The music was good trancy dance, and there was a giant old style model jukebox in front, and plenty of space to dance!

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